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Food Testing, Food Microbiology, UK

Food Microbiology

What tests are available?
Total Viable Count, Enterobacteriaceae, E.coli, Coagulase Positive Staphylococci, B.cereus, C.perfringens, Faecal streptococci, Salmonella, Listeria detection and enumeration, Yeasts and Moulds, Pseudomonas. These are all organisms that PMS are UKAS accredited to test for.

How long will the analysis take once the samples arrive at the laboratory?
24 hours - Coliforms, Enterobacteriaceae, E.coli, C.perfringens
48 hours - Total Viable Count, Pseudomonas, B.cereus, Coagulase Positive Staphylococci
72 hours - Salmonella
120 hours - Listerla, Yeast and Moulds.

Will there be any notification if there are any positive results ?
Clients are notified immediately of any results that are deemed out of specification e. g. positive Salmonella. The client will also receive an interim report highlighting the out of specification result.

The accredited tests can also be found on the Scope. Proļ¬les of tests can be tailored to meet the requirements of an Individual client. CLICK HERE FOR SCOPE OF TESTS.

Shelf-Life testing

How would I go about setting up a Shelf-Life test?
A preliminary discussion is available, whereby the type of shelf- life and extent of testing can be ascertained.

What is a Shelf-Life test ?
Shelf-life testing determines the duration the food being tested, is viable for, before it has to be discarded because it is not fit for purpose. Shelf-Life testing profiles differ depending on the food being tested.



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